Power Aerospace Group, LLC is a data driven MRO with the goal of providing our customers with cost-saving solutions for their Avionic repair and overhaul services. Power Aerospace Group, LLC invests in capabilities that our customers demand.  We prefer long term strategic relationships with committed customers to develop repair procedures and FAA approved engineered parts. We work with major airlines, MROs, Military and component suppliers.


Working this way, allows us to continue our lean operation and pass the savings on to our customers.  


For a complete list of our capabilities or to discuss any service opportunities, please contact us by phone or email.


Our services can also be found on websites such as The145.com, B2-baero.com and ePlane.com.  


Whichever way you prefer to send us an RFQ, we'll answer back in just a few moments!    


Phone: (954) 866-9634        


Email: sales@poweraerospace.com  

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